The Last August

The Last August Chapter of Part Two of Extraordinary Terrestrials, a serial fiction podcast about a supernatural wetland.

In the last chapter, Heck decided it was time to have a chat with the boardinghouse mistress, only to discover that Miss Cordingham had already been chatting false rumors of witchcraft all over town. Heck and Jack chose to counter these allegations with a little false sorcery of their own, by means of blueberries and bouquets.

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Written, read, and recorded by Miriam Rimkunas. 
All piano music was composed and performed by Jonas Rimkunas. 
All public domain organ music was performed by John Rimkunas. 
All other music was composed and performed by Miriam Rimkunas. 
All rights reserved.

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Freesound recording of crickets and cicadas:

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Special thanks this chapter goes to Nathaniel Hawthorne.